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RTL version of the SB Admin 2

14 Jun 2016 · HTML
Rtl sb admin 2

Some time ago I've developed a Rails gem in order to be able to add the Bootstrap based admin theme SB Admin 2 to an application easily. You can check it here.

Originally created by Start Bootstrap, all the credits of the development of the Bootstrap admin theme are of them. You can check the original Bootstrap admin theme repository here.

This week, an user have reported me an issue on my gem, wondering if it supports RTL version of the theme. I was about to include the assets of the already existing RTL version of this theme, but I've found that has some occasional bugs, so I decided to create my own RTL version to ensure that everything works properly.

As a result, I've uploaded to Github the code so anyone who need this RTL version can download and use it. Here you have some images of the final adaptation:




Any place where I can check the result?

Yeah! Here you have the Github repo for this theme, so you can clone it, change it, play with it... whatever you want! :smile:

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