Iván González

Engineering Team Leader

👋 Hi! I'm Iván González Sáiz, a senior software engineer with a bachelor's degree in computer science and +12 years of professional experience.

🙋 T-Shaped profile, although Backend is my core expertise, I can bring value as well in other areas such as Frontend, DevOps, Mobile Dev, and UI/UX. Product-focused, my main goal is to solve problems. I'm also focused on team management, enabling and supporting engineers to give the most out of themselves while growing and improving themselves in the process. Working fully remote since 2016, and managing teams since 2020. I always try to do my best.

🧑‍💻 My main technical knowledge involves technologies such as Elixir, Phoenix Framework, Ruby, Ruby On Rails, HTML, CSS, Javascript, React, and React Native.

✨ Diversity in the tech industry is very important to me, as well as mental health awareness, and accessibility.

🧘 When I'm not working, I like to learn new technologies, write about software development, organize meetups and conferences, mentor new developers, take some photographs, and play the guitar.