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Rails blank template app for fast prototyping

09 Jan 2016 · Rails
App template

If you need to do some quick prototype on Rails of an idea or whatever, here is a simple Rails blank template app in order to be able to just simply clone it and start to develop your own app.

It uses the Bootstrap SB Admin Base V2 theme. You could find the Rails gem of this theme here.

Main features included by default:

There is an user example ready to use to login with email user@example.com and password 123456789.

screenshot Login page.

screenshot Dashboard page.


To start using this template, you only have to do the typical Rails things:

  • Install Ruby version 2.2.3 (using RVM or RBenv or whatever).

  • Clone the repo and do the bundle install thing:

user@computer:~$ git clone git@github.com:dreamingechoes/rails-blank-template-app.git YOUR_APP_NAME_HERE
user@computer:~$ cd YOUR_APP_NAME_HERE
user@computer:/YOUR_APP_NAME_HERE$ bundle install
user@computer:/YOUR_APP_NAME_HERE$ rake db:setup
user@computer:/YOUR_APP_NAME_HERE$ rake db:seed

And you're ready to go. Test if all it's ok by starting a server and check it with rails s.

Here you have the Github repo for this template, so you can clone it, change it, play with it... whatever you want! :smile:

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Iván González - Software Developer

Hi, my name is Iván (aka dreamingechoes). I'm a passionate software developer from the north of Spain, interested in all kind of technologies.

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