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Bootstrap SB Admin Base v2 Rails Gem

06 May 2016 · Rails
Sb admin gem

bootstrap_sb_admin_base_v2 is a Rails gem of the Bootstrap based admin theme SB Admin 2. Originally created by Start Bootstrap, all the credits of the development of the Bootstrap admin theme are of them. This is just an adaptation into Rails gem in order to make it easier to integrate all the assets (fonts, images, css and js) into a Rails application.

You can check the original Bootstrap admin theme repository here.


Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

gem 'bootstrap_sb_admin_base_v2'

And then execute:

$ bundle

Or install it yourself as:

$ gem install bootstrap_sb_admin_base_v2


Version 0.2.x and below

After install the gem, the only thing you should do in your Rails application is add some lines into your manifests files. Add this into your application.js file:

  //= require bootstrap_sb_admin_base_v2

and this line into you application.css file:

  *= require bootstrap_sb_admin_base_v2

Version 0.3.x and above

On version 0.3.x or above has been added two dependencies: jquery-rails and font-awesome-rails in order to keep updated the versions of jQuery and font-awesome, so be sure to require jquery-rails on your application.js before require the bootstrap_sb_admin_base_v2 file like so:

  //= require jquery
  //= require jquery_ujs
  //= require bootstrap_sb_admin_base_v2

and on the application.css file, be sure to require the font-awesome-rails file:

  *= require font-awesome
  *= require bootstrap_sb_admin_base_v2

RTL Version

If you need the RTL version of the template, add this line into you application.css instead of the previous one:

  *= require bootstrap_sb_admin_base_v2_rtl

You can check the RTL version I've used to add this adaptation here.

And you're ready to use the HTML structure of the Bootstrap based admin theme SB Admin 2 on your Rails application. All the details and documentation about this are here.

Here you have the Github repo of the gem if you want to clone it, change it, play with it... whatever you want! :smile:

Example of use on a Rails application

In order to make easier the test of this gem, I've made a simple Rails template application so you can use it as a starting point for your new Rails project. Here you have the rails-blank-template-app.

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